I love receiving emails from the YOFA community.  And I love sharing them here.

On this page I am posting comments I have received about the YOFA Energy Clearing Sessions which take place on the phone, and the YOFA jhe Sessions. I do not know if these results are typical since I only get feedback from those who write to me.  I welcome your feedback.  You can write to me at rebbie(at)  Or simply post your testimonial on this site.

Love is the Answer,

Hello Rebbie,

I participated in your healing session
yesterday and found it very powerful.

I addressed the issue of alcohol addiction
and actually had to lay down during the silent
time as the energy running through my body was
pretty intense.

I saw what I would call energy balls (grey in color)
or thought patterns leaving my auric field.   I would be
interested in doing more of these or some of the other
healing sessions you offer to go deeper with this
pattern.  Can you direct me to where I would find this
on your web site?

Thanks and love,
Melissa from Seattle


Last night on the call, I mentioned that my stomach was really bloated, that I’d lost a pant size over the last few months, but no weight, and my stomach is looking really pronounced.

This morning it’s gone way down.

Whatever you’re doing, THANKS!


I started off today’s call feeling attacked, victimized, angry, hurt, upset and agitated due to a confrontation with my mom, whom I’ve been stuck living with, just before your call.

During the call, when you were doing your thing, I felt calmer and better.

Erin in AZ


Enjoyed hearing someone elses needs which myself felt same…hoping dearly my manifesting of abundance be with me soon(before i felt drowning after am hopeful n have peace) thanks Rebbie!…Clara, Elsa, TX


Hi Rebbie,

I’ve attended the last 3 energy clearing sessions — unfortunately, I missed the first one as I found out about it after the fact.  I’ve been enjoying them very much and wanted to share my experience with you.  It’s a bit involved, so I’m more comfortable sending an email, rather than bringing it up during tomorrow’s call.

I’ve been having severe issues with various members of my family of origin for a couple of years now, coinciding with some financial problems.  The family situation came to a head about 2 months ago, and at that time, I developed an incredibly irritating, itchy skin rash on my back, between my shoulder blades.

I am generally a very physically healthy person, so this was odd for me.  I interpreted it as being an energetic manifestation of my family difficulties, since the reoccurring theme there is that I have felt as though I’ve been stabbed in the back, which is what the sensations of having this rash reminded me of.

I have been trying a variety of topical treatments, as well as engaging in many different energetic healing modalities, which I’ve been involved with for several years, ie., yoga,  qigong, acupressure, EFT, jin shin jyutsu, meditation, etc., all to no avail; the rash has been intractable.

Anyway, last night I realized that I hadn’t noticed the rash all day, and that I’d actually forgotten to apply the lotion I’d been using on it several times a day for the past several weeks, as it was beyond unbearable otherwise.  It was a dramatic difference to say the least, and I was so amazed and so pleased that it suddenly felt so much better!

I can’t claim that my family issues are that markedly improved as yet (or my financial situation for that matter, which is what I’ve been primarily trying to focus on during the sessions), but things are a bit better, and at least it’s a start in the right direction.

I feel as though the energy clearing sessions may have been helpful in bringing this about, as it’s really the only thing I’ve done differently in the past week or so.  In any case, I’m vastly relieved that the rash is no longer bothering me, and for whatever part you played in that, I am sincerely grateful.

With many thanks,
Scottsdale, AZ


Thank you so much for your work. I am down to a 3-4 level. My neck hasn’t felt this good and relaxed since before my surgery 2 weeks ago!

Best regards,

Sue Williamson
Houston, TX

The next day…

Neck pain is almost totally gone!


I AM so HAPPY to be able to experience some more of your wonderful energy!!!

Divine Blessings of Love, Light & Laughter!


I find what you do to be totally powerful.
Thank you so much for sharing so openly and for who you are!

Sunshine and joy :)) Karin.


Re: the YOFA jhe Sessions:



Today was a HUGE shift = WOW!!!!!! It was massive!!!!! Now reading this tonight = WOW!!!!!!

I interviewed (today) with another company for a better job more in alignment with my type of sales!!!!! I got the job.
And the shift was wonderful = I felt much more calm, happy, relaxed and much less stressed. I was more euphoric this afternoon.

NOW tonight reading you did this today EXPLAINS the HIGH I was on earlier  today. NOW I know what was going on. It felt great = like I was riding a wave to shore!!! Your work is soooooo powerful. AS ALWAYS!!!! Since I have been taking your sessions these past 3 years….. I FEEL the work… only about 20-25% of the time. I KNOW all the others are just as effective even though I did NOT feel them BUT when the ones come through that I CAN FEEL = WOW!!!!!!! They are so powerful which tells me ALL your work is that way too!!!!!

I LOVE IT. I love it!!!! I love it!!!!!!

Please feel free to post this publicly if you wish Rebbie. I am proud to VALIDATE your work.

I also consider you a HERO for gifting your work …… to all that is!!!!!

Blessings upon you,



Re: Unconditional Love Project (YOFA jhe Sessions for autism)

I don’t know how this could be so powerful or how you can do this Rebbie. I felt and vividly experienced every single thing you sent to me and my son Patrick. I can only see it as a miracle. Thank you for your sincere love and help to our family in this very trying time. It helps me to stay positive and hopeful and to be the best I can be for my family but it also confirms my new found faith in the invisible magic we are enfolded in. Love and gratitude-Brian.


Hi Rebbie,

I wanted to let you know that the energy clearings were definitely helpful and the last one pointed the way towards my getting a handle on my chaotic life.

I have practiced TM for nearly 25 years. There have been times when I haven’t done my 2nd meditation, but always managed to get in at least the morning one. One meditation a day is better than none, but does not reap the same benefits for us.

Anyway, I had gotten to the point that in the last month or so that I was even skipping the morning meditation, something that I have never done since I started. It was having a negative ripple effect in my ability to concentrate and my energy level. Everything was figuratively and literally a disorganized mess. The most outward manifestation being my apartment, finances, files, desk at work, etc. I had also reached the point where by the end of the day I would be in such a mental fog. I then went on a quest to increase my sleep, to modify my diet (usually a healthy eater so that was not a complete disaster) get to the gym. That helped somewhat but I still was thinking there was something wrong with me and maybe I had a hormonal disease–I thought maybe I was bi-polar-it was all so bizarre and unlike me. I am a very high energy person so even in this state I still manage to come off as upbeat to others but inside I was not right.

Anyway, the last two energy clearings I focused on the disorganization and the feeling of overwhelm. And it was in the last one that I said that I was starting to get busy during the time when you left the call but then all of a sudden I just sat back and relaxed. After you responded to my feedback on the call I didn’t really know what it all meant. But then later I thought that it was so obvious, that I just didn’t see it–that I needed to just meditate and get back to doing it twice a day.

So Saturday I returned to the practice and have done well since keeping it up 2x a day and things have turned around a lot. The outer physical disorganization is still there (I will need to have some time off to deal with that) but as far as the fatigue, mental fog, etc. It is all gone! And I have had a very hectic few days–had two major deadlines today, had decisions to make in the last few days too, and I feel like I handled it all with aplomb. Something I would not have been able to do a week ago. So it took me to falling to rock bottom and experiencing that to make the turn around. But I don’t think I would have recognized why (I was trying everything else) had I not done the energy clearings. I’ve never been at a point like this except right before I started to meditate nearly 25 years ago, and there are so many similarities that I didn’t recognize–I was burned out then and what I was going through for the last month or so had a lot of the same symptoms.

Anyway, I am happy to have come to the realization that the last period is behind me, and it represents what I consider “how non-meditators live” and it is very recent memory and enough to keep me doing the practice because I don’t want to live like that.

Thank you!




Last Friday’s FREE YOFA was the most powerful shift I have ever had. 2 hours after I felt like superman could NOT keep up with whatever I decided to do. I felt on top of the world. There are no words for how fantastic I felt. It was a glorious shift!

PRIOR: I had been going through weeks of frustrations, as everything was in a log jam in my life. I experienced much sadness, emptiness, hopelessness etc. I went into a 4 day low that was the deepest ever. YUCK was that a bad 4 days!

i also had physical pains = general body aches and pains. I took many hot baths sometimes back to back to cope. When that failed I tried alcohol.

So last Friday I wrote for a skeleton perfect re-alignment, take away my body aches and pains and perfect eyesight. (OPPS = I ask for more than one).

NOW: I have been on a happy role ever since. THANK YOU for that clearing Rebbie.

One more thing = It was so cool that YOU repeated my words back to me = I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU during the group hug. That was ME. That was SWEET to hear that from YOU on the call!!!!!

Thank you HERO.


Dear Rebbie,
Your sessions help me shift my mind to a better place. And that changes my world.
It's hard to explain. 
Thank you for my Z axis empowerment. I do need to move forward and make good choices.



  • Diane Cusano
    September 20, 2013 - 5:37 pm | Permalink


    While on the call, I received a surprise rebate check on my property taxes. I was stressing as to how I was going to have enough money this month, and this made a great difference

    Thank You and Blessings


    • admin
      September 20, 2013 - 8:17 pm | Permalink

      That is so great Diane! The financial manifestations seem to come in the most surprising and effortless ways. Thank you for sharing this with us.

  • Ann
    September 20, 2013 - 7:22 pm | Permalink

    Hi Rebbie~

    I can’t thank you enough for the free energy clearing today. I feel as though a cloud has lifted. My thinking is much clearer. My dinner tasted wonderful. I feel balanced and energized. I am amazed at the results. Please let me know if you plan to do this sort of thing again!

    Many thanks ~

    Ann 🙂

    • admin
      September 20, 2013 - 8:20 pm | Permalink

      Hi Ann,

      You are very welcome. I love hearing this type of effect. You are describing what it feels like to come into alignment with your essence. If you signed up for a Guest Pass you are on the list and will get announcements of future sessions.

      Thank you for the generous feedback!

  • lucia
    September 21, 2013 - 3:28 am | Permalink

    Dear Rebbie,
    I listened to your energy clearing session as a guest. I had set two intentions, one more difficult and complicated about my life of faith, and one more pratical about my way to relate to people.
    Unfortunately I am very hot tempered and get easily upset. This morning, I feel more peaceful. The same upsetting situation for me reappeared, but I could control my reaction better.
    Maybe your energy clearing session helped me.
    Anyway, for all that you are doing I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    May God bless you always for your generous and selfless effort to help other people overcome their problems and may He show you the way to do it better and better.

    • admin
      September 21, 2013 - 8:16 am | Permalink

      Hi Lucia,

      It sounds like something is shifting. These sessions actually keep unfolding for a while, so you may see even more insight and opening on this subject. You may also see more and more how your two issues are connected and as one Yes! gets stronger, the other comes with it. Thank you for your good wishes. Much appreciated.

  • September 21, 2013 - 2:24 pm | Permalink

    Hi Rebbie,

    Thank you for being there last night. I found your email when I came home from work (around 7.30 pm GMT) and felt very very drawn to be on the call. When the ‘on hold’ music was playing, I thought to myself “maybe Rebbie’s doing the entire thing energetically”. Because I have worked with you before, I really trust you and so didn’t buzz off and do the next thing, which I am prone to do.

    Last night I slept in a different room in my house. When I awoke this morning, my body was utterly still. It didn’t want to move and I lay very still and straight in my bed. Then a thought arose and it was ” I am restructuring”. At that moment, I had ‘forgotten’ about our session the night before. I lay there for a long time… way beyond my normal rising time, but in total peace and relaxation. When I took my dogs out, I felt I needed to go in a brand new direction, find a track I had never walked before… for me, these physical changes are a reflection of my inner structural and neurological shifts. I am focussing on opening up to allow and receive financial support and abundance. I recognise this isn’t an ‘overnight’ thing but I do know that, overnight, I began to re-organise at some whole new level. I am so so very greatful to you and will keep you posted. My love and thanks, Debs

    • admin
      January 24, 2015 - 11:17 am | Permalink

      Hi Debs,
      I’m late responding to this but just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your sharing. Wonderful!
      All the Best to You,

  • Betsy Hinkle
    January 24, 2015 - 10:35 am | Permalink

    Rebbie,Much gratitude sent to you for clearing last night.You thought I would feel energy cleared like a Big Cloud blown away. I smile and laugh because what I saw was a large funnel of light pouring into my heart,and another funnel leaving heart with a huge stream of brown water.It went out like a gigantic waterfall! I laughed ,and laughed on the phone right after clearing!

    • admin
      January 24, 2015 - 11:14 am | Permalink

      Hi Betsy,
      Wonderful! Very happy to hear it. Laughing is good! 🙂

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